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1. What are bb guns?

The design of the AirSoft BB gun centers on a unique propulsion system utilizing a small amount of air to accurately shoot lightweight plastic BB pellets.

2. What's the law regarding BB guns?

UK law Requirements: Minimum age to purchase a BB gun is 18 years. An adult must supervise persons 14 to 17 years of age. No gun should be carried in a public place unless in transit when it should be unloaded and placed in a carrier type bag. Note guns must not be concealed on ones person.

3. What are the safety rules?

Please note that bb guns should never be used or pointed at another living being and we recommend that users purchase goggles for their own safety.

4. What are the differant types of bb guns?

Spring air pistols and rifles
- Styled after some of the world's famous firearms, the spring air powered handguns and rifles are true to scale and easy to operate. The "Spring" versions are most often referred to as "single shot." They are very similar to a conventional BB gun. The Spring actuated versions can be the most accurate and powerful of the AirSoft BB guns. How it works: pull back the slide, just like the real firearm they are modeled after, to charge the firing mechanism. Aim and fire. These models must be manually cocked each shot.
Because of their maintenance free design and affordability, these are excellent entry level AirSoft guns for the hobby enthusiasts.
Electric AirSoft
- Electric AirSoft BB guns are electric powered submachine guns or rifles finely detailed with some having functional accessories and components. These are referred to most often as "select fire." The Spring guns are forces to compress but this time with the use of an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries that turns a set of gears and arms and fires the pneumatic cylinder automatically. Electric guns are are as powerful as spring or gas powered guns. Other unique selections in this category are the "Mini AirSoft" guns, which are basically caricatures of actual rifles and submachine guns. Electric guns are popular because they are extremely reliable and last more than 2-3 years without trouble. The are popular because there is an advantage of not being single shot and you having to always buy refillable gas cans.
How it works: The electric AirSoft Guns incorporate a battery operated motor to perform the entire action. It allows for near instantaneous firing response. A constant pull on the trigger allows for fully automatic machine gun-like rapid firing. Air Electric design even allows for the user to control the number of shots fired during burst mode by a simple adjustment on the gun.
Mini Electrics - work like the bigger models.
Gas powered pistols and rifles
- There are two types of gas powered guns on the market today: Standard hose feed gas guns and gas blow back guns. Gas blow back guns are among the most popular because of their power and added cosmetic blow back actions. Gas powered models use low temperature carbon dioxide, environment safe freon or "green gas" to operate. The gas is either injected into a reservoir within the gun/rifle or attached to an exterior tank.
How it works: Chamber the first round by pulling back the slide; aim and fire; the "Blowback" action will load the next round and the slide will lock open when all rounds are fired, just like the real model.
Because of their advance design and function, these are for the more discerning collector.

5. Does it hurt to be hit by a bb pellet?

Yes it does! not as much as a paintball, we would advise buying a paper target instead of using your mate!

6. Is the website secure for my credit card?

Yes, we never see your credit card details, cards are processed by SagePay and HSBC Merchant Services.

7. Do you ship overseas?

We don't ship to the US, we do ship to Europe, the rest of the world please email please be aware that for all international orders customers are responsible for any customs charges

8. Can I pay by cheque, postal order or cheque?

Yes, payable to ' BlackViper LLP' Include product code and title, your return address and send to: BlackViper LLP, Aquabourne, Miners Park, Llay Ind est, Llay, LL12OPJ

9. How quick's delivery?

All orders before 2.30pm are shiped the same day, for 99% next day delivery, occasionally delivery may be delayed due to stock shortages, in this case it may take a week, we will keep you informed.

10. How do we know we can trust you?

Because is the UK's no.1 BB gun retailer, because we are part of a well established mail order company, i because our reputation is based on word of mouth and our repeat customers.