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Tips when Shopping for BB Guns

BB guns are ideal guns used by many for fun and recreation.  If you’re looking for an air gun, that which is a lot safer to use than pellets or actual guns, BB guns are ideal alternatives as they are very efficient gears if you want to practice target shooting or simply have fun with friends and family.

BB guns or air soft guns are comparatively safer to use than more intense and serious weapons such as regular guns and rifles. If your only goal is to furnish yourself a gun that you can utilize for recreational purposes, a BB gun is the most inexpensive, yet effective gadget there is.

BB guns are loaded with BB shots. BB stands for bullet ball or ball bearing, depending on the BBs composition or material. Most air rifle shots are now called BBs, and are made from plastic, steel, and lead. Air soft guns and those that are used for paintball shooting are known to be utilizing the same design and principles from BB guns.

Since almost all BB gun companies manufacture to supply the recreational needs of the public, these items are considered to be toys rather than serious weaponry, that which can potentially cause damage to property or serious harm to other people.

The youth of today are more aware of the availability of BB guns in the market. Who could resist playing with these toys?  BBs are designed to enhance one’s target shooting skills and are known to be great tools if you want to have fun with friends outdoors.

If you are looking for quality BB guns in the market, there are many toy gun manufacturers that design and distribute high quality models. However, before looking into spending your money on these BBs, here are some shopping tips that you need to keep in mind so you are sure to get the best BB gun for your tastes and needs:

  •  Buy a BB Kit

If you haven’t had any experience of owning a BB or purchasing a BB in the past, it is rather practical to buy a complete BB Kit instead. Although this will prove to be more expensive than buying a gun by itself, the accessories that are included in a complete kit will make your purchase an affordable one.

  • Identify the type of BB that you want

There are various types of BB gun mechanisms being utilized by manufacturers like Crosman and Daisy. The most common powerplant is the spring piston type barrel. Spring piston type BB guns are very much high performance but are known to be inexpensive too. 

Lever action rifle BB guns are common as well and are known to feature huge ammunition capacities compared to other types of BB guns. BBs that are under the lever action category fire at 275ft/s. The low velocity that lever action BB guns makes it ideal to be used by younger individuals.

Lastly, the gas-powered BB guns are known to feature a machine gun-like fire when used. Carbon dioxide is used to propel the BBs at higher velocities. If you are training to become a law-enforcement officer, or if you plan to get a regular gun in the future, a gas-powered BB gun is the right tool that you can use for practice.

  • Identify the environment where you will be using your BB

If your intention is to have fun with your friends in the woods or indoors, BB guns with low FPS are good for these conditions. Spring piston types are known to provide you with all the fun that you can handle when you intend to use it at close range.

If you are looking to join more serious target shooting games, you may want to research on BBs that are priced from $200-$400. You will most likely be using it regularly, and investing on a starter kit that are of good quality will pay for itself eventually.

  • Look for user reviews online

To give you an idea of how well a certain model of BB gun performs, it is best to read through customer reviews. These will you an idea of how well a BB gun performs in various conditions and scenarios. Even if you have a BB gun model in mind, it won’t hurt to look around and search for alternative options. Aside from the two leading manufacturers of BBs, there are new companies emerging to be makers of reliable and durable BBs as well.

  • Quality vs Affordability

Beginners may opt to buy an inexpensive BB gun. There are quality BB guns that are priced reasonably but there are also some that encounters mechanical problems after several times of usage. Target shooting or plinking are enjoyable recreational activities that you will find to be exciting and fun. You will surely not get tired of this activity, and will most likely use your BB regularly. In addition, look for quality BB guns that you can expand with accessories and add-ons. Expandable kits prove to be practical options for those who want to collect BB guns too.