0.12 pellets (6mm)

0.12g BB Pellets

0.12g BB pellets are typically best suited for low-powered, spring powered bb guns. These lightweight BBs are less accurate and have less range compared to heavier BBs, but they are ideal for certain types of BB Guns: Spring-Powered Pistols,0.12g BBs work well with spring-powered airsoft pistols. These guns are often used for close-quarter battles and target shooting. Beginner BB Guns,  They are also suitable for entry-level airsoft guns, particularly those designed for younger players or beginners. These guns tend to have lower FPS (feet per second) and are less powerful, making 0.12g BBs a good fit. Indoor Play, they are great for indoor target shooting. 0.12g BBs are not recommended for high-powered or advanced airsoft guns, as they may not provide the accuracy and range needed for outdoor scenarios or competitive play. For those situations, heavier BBs like 0.20g to 0.30g are typically preferred to achieve better accuracy and longer effective range.