Masks & Goggles

Airsoft Masks & Goggles 

We have a great range of eye protection available for use with our BB guns, eye protection is ESSENTIAL to airsoft and you should never use an airsoft weapon without proper eye protection on - this is regardless of whether you are playing in the garden or playing at a fully licensed site, playing with an airsoft weapon without eye protection on is a risk to both you, and anyone
watching as they might well become injured too - Getting shot in the eye, even by a low power gun can (and most often WILL) cause blindness.

If you have a problem with your weapon, never EVER look down the end of the barrel to see if it is blocked, use a cleaning/unjaming rod to check for Blockages. when not using your weapon ensure that the safety is ON,
and the weapon is unloaded so as to prevent any accidental discharges.

We have a large range of different types of eye protection, and it is up to you to choose which suits you best - full face masks offer the most protection but are cumbersome and will get VERY sweaty on the inside, plastic lenses offer the best visibility but will steam up (we sell a de-misting spray to prevent this) where mesh will not steam up but will give you a SLIGHT handicap on visibility.