0.20 pellets (6mm)

0.20g BB Pellets

0.20g BB pellets are a versatile choice suitable for a wide range of bb guns. They offer a good balance between accuracy, range, and stability in flight, making them the most popular choice among airsoft players. they are often considered the best choice for AEGs which are battery-powered BB rifles That have the power and rate of fire to effectively propel 0.20g BBs while maintaining good accuracy and range. Spring-Powered Rifles: Bolt-action or single-shot spring-powered rifles and rifles also work well with 0.20g BBs. These BBs with a well-tuned sniper rifle can result in excellent accuracy for long-range shots. Outdoor Play: 0.20g BBs are preferred for outdoor airsoft games where wind and longer engagement distances are factors. Their slightly heavier weight helps them resist wind drift better than lighter BBs. The choice of BB weight can also depend on your airsoft gun's power level, hop-up settings, and personal preferences. Some players opt for heavier BBs (e.g., 0.25g to 0.30g) in certain situations, such as windy outdoor games or sniper roles, to achieve even greater accuracy and range.